Bruno Mars Gets Retro In The Music Video For New Single 'Locked Out Of Heaven' - Video

16 October 2012, 09:55 | Updated: 16 October 2012, 10:17

The 'Just The Way You Are' singer performs in a basement club in his newly unveiled video.

Bruno Mars unveiled the music video for his brand new single 'Locked Out Of Heaven' last night (15th October) after promising fans he wanted them to see it first.

The 'Grenade' singer revealed yesterday that he had decided to upload the video before having any sort of "big primetime premiere on TV', and shared a link to the retro styled clip late in the evening.

"Everyone's telling me to wait for a big primetime premiere on TV but you know what i says to em? I says NO! My fans deserve to see it foist!" Bruno tweeted yesterday. "IM GONNA DO IT!! THIS IS IT! DONT TEST ME TWITTA!!

"Let's have some fun world," Bruno added, before posting up the 'Locked Out Of Heaven' video.

Bruno is seen performing the song in a dingy basement club in front of a huge crowd, and the video features several different seventies style effects including film grain and static to give it an overall vintage feel.

Last week it was confirmed that Bruno Mars will be featured in an upcoming episode of the fourth season of FOX animation The Cleveland Show, alongside rappers and Nicki Minaj.

Bruno announces the release of his new single at the start of October, with 'Locked Out Of Heaven' officially launching on 25th November.

Bruno Mars will then return with new album 'Unorthodox Jukebox' on 11th December.

Check out the music video for Bruno Mars' new single 'Locked Out Of Heaven' below: