Britney Spears Appeals To Find Homeless Fan

Britney Spears has appealed to her fans to track down a homeless man who was trying to raise money to buy her recent album 'Femme Fatale'.

The move comes after the 'Criminal' star saw a photo of a man holding up a piece of cardboard with the words, "Need to get new Britney Spears CD. Anything will help. God Bless".

Upon seeing the picture, Britney immediately took to Twitter to post it up and ask fans to help her find the homeless man in question.

"If anyone can help find this gentleman I've got a package with my entire catalogue with his name on it...Britney," she wrote.

Pictures of Britney were recently sent out to primary schools showing her before she was airbrushed to help school pupils make them feel better about themselves.

The singer is one of the few cover girls to publicly release pictures of herself before airbrushing to highlight her imperfections.