Britney Spears to film video this week

Britney Spear's has revealed that she will film the promo video for new single 'Hold It Against Me' this week.

The video which is being choreographed by Brian Friedman will reportedly feature a full on dance routine taking Britney’s performance to a new level.

Speaking with MTV's "The Seven," Friedman revealed;

"This is a dance video. Rehearsals can get pretty rough," the choreographer said. "We're playing it safe, we're not trying to kill ourselves yet, but as the video comes closer and closer, we'll definitely be hurting our backs. There was a moment while we were rehearsing where I showed Britney a section and it was something I really wanted her to do, and she freaked out. ... It's crazy when you first see something like that, how overwhelming it can be, especially when you haven't been in the [dance] studio for a year."

The single itself launched on iTunes yesterday after bosses decided to bring the release date forward and is already climbing its way to the top of the chart. That alongside the 29 year olds appearance in Glee last night could lead to chart domination this weekend.

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