'Brave' Billie Eilish Performs With Sprained Ankle Before Running Off Stage In Tears

10 September 2019, 15:28 | Updated: 11 September 2019, 10:17

Billie left the stage in tears.
Billie left the stage in tears. Picture: instagram

Billie Eilish ran off stage crying after she injured her ankle during her performance.

Billie Eilish proved that the show must go on after spraining her ankle on stage whilst performing during her concert in Italy.

The 17-year-old singer was performing her hit single ‘Bad Guy’ when she jumped and sprained her ankle, in front of the crowd at Milano Rocks music festival.

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This is the second foot injury she has acquired after recently falling down the stairs prior to one of her shows in Los Angeles.

Billie continued to perform, despite the sprain, but was ‘devastated’ she couldn’t perform the way she had intended.

She told the crowd: “Dude, I sprained my ankle immediately. That's so embarrassing. Ugh and dude I sprained this one like a month ago.

"It's so stupid because I'm like choked up right now because I rather not do a show than do a crappy version for you, like I just want to give you a good show, like I can't.”

The ‘Lovely’ singer was forced to sit down for the remainder of her performance because of the pain, until eventually it became too much.

Before running off stage in tears, she said: “Oh, this is so trash. This is literally a nightmare for real.

“I can't do this. I'm sorry, bro.”

Billie has recently opened up about being ‘injury-prone’ in the past since dancing was a hobby of hers when she was younger.

She said: "I gave up a lot of healthy working limbs.

"My whole life I have been prone to injuries. It is so bad, even since I was little."

Fans took to social media to praise her for being ‘brave’.

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hamburg show tonight went vraazy🐉🐉

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One fan wrote: “i appreciate @billieeilish so much for going on w the show even with a sprained ankle, she was visibly in pain but she tried to go on, performed less songs but she did it. i love u.”

Another said: “The situation when Billie Eilish sprained her ankle, cried and ran off the stage out of frustration bc she wanted to continue putting on a good show for the fans just shows how much pressure is on her. She’s a teenager, let her have a break for once.”

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