Billie Eilish Candidly Opens Up About Being In Love

22 August 2019, 13:46

Billie Eilish candidly discussed her feelings about love
Billie Eilish candidly discussed her feelings about love. Picture: Getty

Billie Eilish revealed she’s been in love in the past, but isn’t any more.

One of the biggest artists of the moment, Billie Eilish, is always honest in interviews about herself, and her latest chat was no different as she spoke to 3Voor12 about her love life.

The 17 year old said her hectic work schedule makes it hard to prioritise new relationships, but she has in fact been in love in the past.

Billie Eilish Wears Baggy Clothes So "Nobody Can Have An Opinion" On Her Body

When quizzed on her relationship status she answered in the best way, saying: “I was in love, [but] not at the moment,” she then pointed to herself and said: “I’m in love with her. Me.”

Billie Eilish wears baggy clothes so people can't have opinions on her body
Billie Eilish wears baggy clothes so people can't have opinions on her body. Picture: Getty

Billie also spoke about how her relationship with fans has changed as she grew more famous, saying she’s become wary of people who “just want to grab you”.

She said: “I used to do shows and like just walk off stage into the audience and meet everyone. I can’t do that anymore which is normal, but it is like as much as there are amazing, precious, incredible fans that just want the best for you and just want to be happy with you and want you to be happy…

“There are people that are crazy– and not even fans– just people that are out there and just want to grab you and get you.”

Billie has previously discussed why she wears baggy clothes, and it’s so “nobody can have an opinion” on her body.

During her campaign with Calvin Klein’s ‘I Speak My Truth In #MyCalvins’ she said: "That’s why I wear baggy clothes. Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath."

She continued to say "Nobody can be like, "she's slim-thick, she's not slim-thick, she's got a flat a**, she's got a fat a**"."

The 'Bury A Friend' star received praise for being so outspoken about her choice, and many of her followers have questioned the sad state that she even has to wear baggy clothes for that reason.

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