WATCH: Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' Gets Chicago-Style Cover By YouTube Stars

18 September 2015, 10:23

Single Ladies - Vintage "Chicago" / Fosse - Style Beyonce Cover ft. Ariana Savalas


The 'XO' star's ultimate female empowerment anthem gets taken old-school.

We love a Postmodern Jukebox cover as much as the next pop music fan, but this may just be the best one yet!

The talented YouTube stars have taken on Beyonce’s mega-hit ‘Single Ladies’ and given the track it’s own Chicago-style makeover, complete with sultry Beyonce inspired dancers!

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‘Single Ladies’ might be a good few years old now but it still sounds incredible - especially when revamped as a vintage favourite like this! We reckon Queen Bey would be proud.

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