WATCH: Turns Out Dancing To ‘Single Ladies’ Is The PERFECT Gym Motivation! #WhoKnew

13 January 2016, 14:31

Beyonce Single Ladies Gym Routine Viral

He’s got the moves… but did he make the lift?

We've always known that the music of Beyonce can do MAGICAL things - she is Queen Bey after-all - but one gym-honed Internet star has just proved she ALSO has the power to help you LIFT.

Social media fitness star Khan Porter is going viral with a HILARIOUS video of him taking on a heavy snatch weight-lift in the gym.... building up to the big lift with an incredible dance routine to 'Single Ladies'. Obvs!

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Seeing as Instagram only allows 15 seconds of dancing and apparently the interwebs doesn't mind a bit of Beyoncé, here is the full version of my pre snatch boogie.Channing Tatum Khan at me bah Bar at 120kg/

Posted by Khan Porter on Monday, January 11, 2016

So as it turns out... Beyonce makes you BUFF!

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