Beyonce Says New Album Is "About The Beauty In Imperfection" - Video

18 December 2013, 10:23 | Updated: 18 December 2013, 10:25

The 'XO' star gives a revealing video message explaining what her latest record is all about.

Beyonce has opened up about the message behind her brand new album, and says the record is about "finding the beauty in imperfection".

The 'Love On Top' star shocked the world on Friday (13th December) when she released her self-titled album without any announcement or promotion, and Beyonce has now made a video explaining all about the record's themes and messages.

"My message behind this album was finding the beauty in imperfection," Beyonce explains in the clip. "I had this image of this trophy and me accepting these awards and kind of training myself to be this champion, and at the end of the day when you go through all these things, is it worth it?

The trophy represents all of the sacrifices that I made as a kid. All of the time that I lost being on the road and in the studios as a child and I just wanna blow that s**t up," Beyonce explains, before adding: ""Growth. Love. Happiness. Fun. Enjoy your life, it's short. That's the message!"

Beyonce reached number one on the US Billboard Top 200 chart this week, making her the first woman to score a number one with her first five albums.