Beyoncé & Jay Z Just Recreated THAT Elevator Moment And Everyone Is Freaking Out

5 December 2017, 11:41

Beyonce and Jay Z Pose in Elevator

Jay Z survived this one without any injuries.

2014’s most shocking moment was without doubt the leak of the CCTV footage of Beyoncé and Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala and now the power couple have recreated their iconic elevator moment… kind of.

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Let’s cast our minds back three years to the moment when Bey’s sister Solange lased out at her brother in law and shocked the world by violently kicking Jay Z while Beyoncé looked on unfazed.

Nobody knows what exactly kicked off that fracas (no pun intended) but many have speculated that it had to do with Jay Z cheating, something he confirmed in a recent interview had happened in the past. 

Well, given that it’s become quite an iconic moment in music history, Bey Z decided to remake the moment in altogether happier circumstances on his 48th birthday last night.

The couple were leaving the Angelika Film Center in New York after Bey hired out the place for a private showing of Wonder Wheel for Jay’s birthday when they posed up in the elevator for the paps.

These two are famous for messing with the media so we reckon them posing in a lift is a little more than a coincidence – but what a way to reclaim that nasty incident and make it fun, huh?

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