Beyonce Shares Halloween Themed Picture Of Her Alice In Wonderland Costume

9 November 2012, 13:38 | Updated: 9 November 2012, 14:09

The 'Countdown' singer dressed up as the White Rabbit this year and has shared a snap with fans.

Beyonce has shared a picture of her Halloween fancy dress costume from last month where she dressed up as a popular character from Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland.

The 'Love On Top' singer opted to dress up as famous literary character the White Rabbit, and uploaded a shot of her costume on Tumblr this week.

Beyonce opted for a navy blue blazer and shirt combination, complete with a silver bow tie and the Rabbit's trademark gold fob watch.

The 'End Of Time' singer finished off her look with a pair of red-rimmed glasses, large white bunny rabbit ears and later added a pair of diamond fang grillz.

Check out a picture of Beyonce dressed as the white rabbit from Alice In Wonderland below (Credit:

Beyonce dresses up as the White Rabbit from Alice

Beyonce has shared more pictures over the past week after launching her own Instagram account ,with her first post being one of support for re-elected US President Barack Obama.

Both Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were vocally supportive of Obama's reelection campaign, and hosted a fundraising event as well as speaking out in support of the democrat candidate.