Beyonce "Didn't Lip-Sync At Barack Obama Inauguration", Sound Production Website

23 January 2013, 16:46

A website claims there is evidence that proves the star did not mime during her appearance in Washington DC.

Beyonce didn't lip-sync at Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington DC, but she did use a backing track, according to a sound production website.

The star has come under fire after it was claimed that the 'Crazy In Love' singer had mimed her rendition of 'The Star Spangled Banner'.

Now a sound production website - - has insisted that Bey did sing live with the help of a backing track.

Analysing the video, they said: "You can also clearly hear the pre-recorded backing in the video, made earlier in case of technical problems. (Thanks to Daniel Holter for posting a heads-up on this video.)

"But the live vocal is the one most people heard."
It continued: "At 1' 20" in the video above, she tilts her head slightly and the sound gets suddenly more bassy. This is an acoustic effect known as the 'proximity effect'.

"At 1'52" she takes out one of her earpieces. Some people are citing this as more evidence she was lip-syncing, but in fact it's what singers do when they're having trouble hearing the pitch of their own voice through the earpiece.

"At 2'1" she smiles slightly, and you can hear this 'smile' in her voice."

Beyonce and Jay-Z at Inauguration

The website added: "None of these clues are conclusive, but to fake all of them, plus the details of the performance itself, would make Beyonce the best lip-sync artist in the world!"

Beyonce has yet to comment on claims that she mimed her performance on Monday (21st January).