Michelle Williams Says Destiny's Child Reunion Would Have To Be For 'Something Epic"

19 April 2013, 13:25 | Updated: 19 April 2013, 13:31

The 'Nuclear' singer says the trio won't be performing again together for some time now.

Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams says the group are unlikely to reform for some time, but tells fans she would "never say never".

The 'Survivor' trio reunited on stage at the US Super Bowl 2013 back in February for a medley performance during band member Beyonce's set.

However, Michelle admits it is doubtful the three girls will get back together for another show unless it was for something "epic" in the future.

"That Super Bowl, how do you top that?" Michelle told E! Online, when asked about a potential reunion.

"If it's [something epic] we'll do it," the singer explained. "I'm never going to say never, but it'll be a long time."

Check out a picture of Destiny's Child reuniting on stage at the Super Bowl 2013 this year below (Credit: Getty):

The former girl band star will feature on a song from Beyonce's new fifth album, which has yet to be officially announced.

Since Destiny's Child's split Michelle has released her own solo music as well as heading to perform on the Broadway stage.

Destiny's Child timed the release of a new song called 'Nuclear' and a compilation called 'Love Songs' with their reunion performance at the Super Bowl.