OMG. Did Beyonce Die In 2000 And Get Cloned?! Do We Have An Imposter In Our Midst?!

17 May 2016, 13:59 | Updated: 6 December 2018, 11:24


Yep, some theorists legit think that Queen B died 16 years ago, and the Beyonce that we now know is actually a clone. No, we're not kidding...

Forgot the whole ‘Louis Tomlinson’s baby is fake’ conspiracy and instead focus your attention on this. A theory that will 100% blow your mind. 

Because apparently, our Queen, Beyonce, DIED IN 2000. 

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Yep, some theorists have put their heads together and have compiled evidence to suggest that the popstar has been CLONED. 

Let’s start from the beginning. 

When Beyonce first started singing, her producers decided that her talent would be wasted after she died so got their hands on a few of her stem cells - don’t ask how because we don’t know either - so that if the inevitable happened, she would live on through her music. 

Good job they thought ahead because she apparently died back in 2000, and the Beyonce that we now know and love is actually a clone. 

Let’s look at the evidence.  

Sasha Fierce is definitely a clone of Beyonce. 

Becky with the good hair? A clone of Beyonce. 

‘Beyonce’ looking all weird and strange and stuff at a Basketball game? A CLONE.  

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you, but we do have an imposter in our midst.

And no, it OBVIOUSLY has nothing to do with the fact that someone can change in the space of 16 years. Nope. Nothing. 

Although, if you do need more evidence, check this out. 

K, we’re done, bye.

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