Beyonce Quotes Bob Dylan As She Continues New Album Recording Sessions

13 November 2012, 11:33 | Updated: 13 November 2012, 11:53

The 'Crazy In Love' star pays tribute to the legendary folk artist in a post on her Instagram account.

Beyonce has paid tribute to Bob Dylan in a new post on her Instagram account where she quoted lyrics from his 1963 song 'Talkin' World War III Blues'.

The 'Love On Top' star is currently working in the studio on her next record and posted a handwritten message using the lyrics from the track to tease her current inspiration.

Over the weekend, the Destiny's Child star also uploaded an image from inside her studio – showing her inside the vocal booth.

The new album will follow on from her 2011 effort '4' and she's rumoured to have teamed up with recording artist Miguel on the record.

He recently told MTV that he expects the female star's new album to be "something special".

You can view a picture of Beyonce's Instagram post of Bob Dylan's lyrics below:


Meanwhile, the singer is set to be honoured by Broadway in a new show called Broadway Sings Beyonce - which sees the stars of the New York theatre performing her hit songs in early December.

Beyonce was also a keen supporter of US President Barack Obama during his recent re-election campaign and her first ever Instagram post was in support of the American leader.