WATCH: Ava Max Leaks Her Instagram Password On Quizface

20 October 2019, 15:57

Ava Max takes her place opposite Jimmy Hill in a brand new episode of Quizface... and it gets a little crazy.

If you wrote a wish list of things you'd like to see Ava Max do, you'd likely put in the following: Star in her very own superhero movie, give someone an actual haircut and be completely confused by our very Jimmy Hill. Well, luckily for you, every single one of these happen in this episode of Quizface.

Every Ava Max fan is going to want to see this...

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Ava Max plays Quizface
Ava Max plays Quizface. Picture: Capital

Quizface has now officially started it's second season! The likes of Camila Cabello, Halsey, Liam Payne and Mabel have already graced the show alongside Jimmy Hill and there is plenty more to come..

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