Ariana Grande Throws Shade At Her Waxwork After Fans Label It 'Really Terrible'

28 May 2019, 12:12

Ariana Grande leaves shady comment about her waxwork
Ariana Grande leaves shady comment about her waxwork. Picture: PA/Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana Grande's basically said 'that ain't it' to her waxwork at Madame Tussauds by leaving a shady comment online, and fans agree.

Ariana Grande's responded to her waxwork on display at Madame Tussauds with a vague but shady comment after fans pointed out the mannequin doesn't look a whole lot like her and people are debating about the likeness between her and her 'clone.'

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It's the thought that counts. #CommentsByCelebs

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Ariana commented "I just want to talk" in a joke-threatening post indicating that she also doesn't think the wax work resembles her.

Fans were asked to decide what the 'breathin' star would be wearing during her five week residency at the London wax museum and true to her trademark style- 'Ariana' was dressed in an oversized jumper, knee high boots and a sky scraper ponytail.

Fans took to Twitter to slam the waxwork, pointing out the inaccuracies of features including her nose, eyebrows and head shape, with one fan saying "just smile and nod" and another saying "doesn't even slightly resemble her wyd."

However, not everyone thinks that the sculptor did too much of a shoddy job, with fans saying 'to be fair she did used to look like that' and another insisting 'she does look like this.'

Ariana Grande fans defend her waxwork
Ariana Grande fans defend her waxwork. Picture: Instagram @CommentsByCelebs

Ari's comment was pretty hard to interpret, but we're 99% sure that she's not here for her wax counterpart, and we're actually kind of sad that her world tour doesn't coincide with the five week residency- we want her to meet her not-so-identical twin!

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