Watch The Moment Ariana Grande Delights Drag Queen With $100 Bill Before Her San Antonio Gig

17 May 2019, 16:51 | Updated: 17 May 2019, 17:00

Ariana Grande tipped a drag queen $100 at a San Antonio club
Ariana Grande tipped a drag queen $100 at a San Antonio club. Picture: Getty / Instagram

Ariana Grande handed a drag queen a $100 bill ahead of her San Antonio gig, like the ledge she is.

San Antonio's Heat Nightclub was hosting their weekly event, 'Drag Me To Fame' on Wednesday night.

When amidst the crowd of regular punters, Ariana Grande was spotted, bopping away and enjoying the show - wearing one her signature oversized sweaters, naturally.

Fans of the '7 Rings' star caught Ari on video, as she reached forward to tip one of the drag queens with a $100 bill.

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In the clip, drag queen Miss Toni R. Andrews was performing on stage to Ariana Grande's hit track, 'Side to Side'.

Ariana then walks to the front of the crowd to hand Miss Toni her tip, before running back to her spot on the dancefloor.

After the show, one of the other performers named Nilaya shared a clip of Ariana dancing along to the show, along with the caption: "Tonight was my off night from performing [...] but one text from a friend changed my entire night."

She added: "I walked into the club & saw 2 little space buns poking from the crowd, I knew it was her!", before stating: "I GOT TO PERFORM FOR MY ICON".

Ugh, why are we always in the wrong place at the wrong time??