Ariana Grande Styles Out A Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Boss On Sweetener Tour

19 March 2019, 12:38

Ariana Grande's kicked off her Sweetener World Tour and we've already the '7 Rings' singer show what a star she is by stopping mid-performance to stuff a fan note into her bra.

Ariana Grande has officially kicked off her Sweetener World Tour in New York, and fans have already shared much action from the show, including the iconic way Ari styled out this wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a performance, proving what a professional she is.

Ariana Grande Pays Touching Tribute To Mac Miller On Sweetener Tour

Whilst performing her track 'Bloodline' from her thank u, next album, when Ari crouches down, and masterfully puts whatever popped out of her bra firmly back in place, before dancing off as if nothing happened.

A fan has since cleared up that it wasn't actually a 'bra cookie' which pads out a bra, but a 7 Rings note that a fan threw on stage and she stuffed into her top, you know, for sentimental value.

Opening night of Ariana Grande's Sweetener world tour
Opening night of Ariana Grande's Sweetener world tour. Picture: Getty Images

Despite it only being the opening night of the tour, we've seen a couple get engaged, her touching tribute to Mac Miller during the show (fans noticed her playing his music as people filed into the venue) and Ari getting emotional during 'goodnight n go.'

Ariana is taking her tour through the US before heading over to London and Europe this summer and we honestly cannot wait to see all those amazing outfit changes and mind blowing set.

Oh, and the set list is AMAZING.

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