WATCH: Ariana Grande Told Piers Morgan 'One Really Interesting Thing' During Their Heart To Heart

5 March 2019, 11:07

Piers Morgan reveals what Ariana Grande said to him during their emotional chat
Piers Morgan reveals what Ariana Grande said to him during their emotional chat. Picture: Instagram/ @Piersmorgan @ArianaGrande

Piers Morgan has opened up about his encounter with Ariana Grande and revealed the important feminist message she managed to get through to him.

Piers Morgan has revealed the one 'really interesting thing' Ariana Grande told him during their recent heart-to-heart they had after running into each other in LA and it all about feminism.

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Opening up about their encounter which saw them have an emotional discussion in a lengthly piece in the Daily Mail, Piers said: "Ariana sat down with me and she said one really interesting thing".

"We had a really interesting conversation for two hours. We sat down and she said to me that the key thing she believed about feminism and the battle for equality and everything that's going on... was that woman need to bring men with them."

"When the debate strays into man denigration or man hating, it puts off a lot of guys."

"Whereas if women go, 'Look, we want fairness and equality, we want you to come with us, we want you to be part of this journey'..."I think that's a much better sales pitch to men."

The two had major beef earlier in the year when Ari's mum, Joan, stepped into defend Little Mix after he accused them trying to use sex to sell records, with Ari clapping back the presenter and sending him a 'thank u, next' in the process.

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