Ariana Grande Says Her Next Single ‘Imagine’ Is "More Vulnerable / Unsure"

13 December 2018, 15:50

Ariana Grande says her new song &squot;Imagine&squot; will be more "unsure".
Ariana Grande says her new song 'Imagine' will be more "unsure". Picture: Instagram

We’re not even over ‘Thank U, Next’ yet.

While the world still has ‘Thank U, Next’ on repeat, Ariana Grande has moved on to teasing her next single, ‘Imagine’.

Ariana Grande's 'Imagine' Drops Tomorrow & We Can't Handle The Excitement

The announcement came in three words in the form of a tweet: “’imagine’ Thursday night".

Since then, she's been teasing song lyrics to her 59.5 million followers:

Whilst we twiddle our thumbs, Ari is on Twitter answering fan questions about her new single.

One asked “why imagine first?”, referencing to a AG5 track-list released by Genius that places 'Imagine' as the lead single.

She replied: “i think it'll balance the energy between thank u, next and seven rings nicely as those are super self-assured / commanding and this one is more vulnerable / unsure,”

Another asked if the singer will be releasing a video, to which she has replied that she won’t be.

The 'Woman Of The Year' even teased parts of the song on her Instagram Story alongside a countdown.

No more torture Ari, we’re waiting!

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