Goofy, Cute And Likes Weird Actors - 11 Reasons Why We LOVE Ariana Grande

1 October 2014, 08:53

Ariana Grande Break Free Video

Ariana Grande is definitely THE princess of pop, but why else is she so amazing? We've picked our top 11 reasons why we LOVE Ms Grande…

Ariana Grande exploded off the small screen to become one of our most loved pop stars, but what is it about the pint-sized lady with the HUGE voice that makes us love her so much? 

We've chosen just 11 out of the millions of reasons to describe why Ariana Grande rocks! 

1. Ariana hangs out with the COOLEST girls 

Seriously, this girl is pals with Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. That's a serious cool-girl clique right there. 

2. She's an animal lover...

Seriously, is there anything more adorable than cutesy Ariana with a puppy? 

3. … even if they don't always love her back… 

Yeah. Awkward. It's totally the cat's loss though! 

4. … And it doesn't matter how gross they are. 

Like, what even IS this thing? Eww.

5. She's super close to her family 

It is ridiculously lovely how much Ariana loves her Nonna and her late Grandad. Even global megastars need some quality time with their grandparents. 

6. She wears RIDICULOUSLY cute outfits

She's like a little doll we want to carry around in our pocket. But we won't… Obvs. That would be weird. 

7. She's Italian-American

And what are Italians most famous for? Being totally gorgeous and making INCREDIBLE food. As if she could get any better? 

8. She's cute and awkward

She's a lil' goofy, but we like it. It's endearing! 

9. She's got the dancing down 

Let's face it, it's not easy trying to dance in GoGo boots, but Ari manages it in style! 

10. She just LOVES Christmas  

Move over Mariah, there's a new first lady of the Xmas song - and little Ari even looks like she could be one of Santa's little helpers! 

11. She fangirls over…. Jim Carrey…

Yeah, we can't really justify this one but it IS pretty funny. 

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