Ariana Grande's Fans: 14 Ways To Tell If You're One Of The #Arianators

12 January 2015, 14:28 | Updated: 5 December 2018, 16:05

ariana grande

We're on the hunt again for the best fans in pop, so now it's time to take a closer look at Ariana and her HUGE army of fans.

After a whirlwind year, the #Arianators have seen their idol go from teen TV star to worldwide pop phenomenon!

Join us and test just how MUCH of an Ariana Grande lover you really are with these 14 ways to tell if you're truly a super-fan of the 'Problem' singer.

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1. When the SUPER-SEXY video for 'Love Me Harder' dropped and you were like.... #GIRLCRUSH


2. Ariana Grande firing rockets from her *ahem* chest in the 'Break Free' video was your FAVE cinematic moment from 2014


3. Your SASS FACTOR has gone into overdrive ever since Ariana went big time last year. And you've got these dance moves TOTALLY down...


4. Cat ears are your new favourite accessory... obviously...



5. You know that you can be an #Arianator at ANY age


6. You've 'liked' EVERY Instagram selfie cute couple Ariana and Big Sean have ever posted.


7. You know that Ariana has the best damned voice in the business. Period.


8. You would NEVER be as rude as this cat and back away from a juicy smacker from Ms. Grande #KissesNotDisses


9. When Ariana puts on her shy face it makes you love her even MORE



10. Getting a cheeky selfie with the lady herself is basically your reason for existence

ariana and fans


11. That moment you hear a brand new Ariana Grande song basically looks like this...


12. The most viewed music video on your YouTube account is, obvs, 'Problem'.


13. While the world thinks Ariana is sweet as apple pie, you've seen a different side to the 'Break Free' superstar! #DontMessWithAriana


14. Most importantly, you know that Ms. Grande TOTALLY appreciates the support of her Arianators army


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