WATCH: Things Got REAL Weird, REAL Quick When We Left Anne-Marie Beneath The Mistletoe...

9 December 2017, 20:41


We'd love to go round Anne-Marie's for Christmas dinner. Not only do we think it would be a right laugh, but we reckon she'd have a lush turkey.

What you don't wanna do is sit under the mistletoe with her. (That sounded a little less harsh in our heads.)

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Anne-Marie with Roman Kemp

The 'Alarm' bae decided to check out Roman Kemp's Christmas tree before she STOOOOORMED the #CapitalJBB stage, and when she did, things got a wee bit odd.

Roman blindfolded everyone's favourite gal and plonked her beneath some mistletoe, and shoved some Christmas pudding in her face. All she was meant to do was kiss it...

But instead, she repeatedly licked it and even bit a HUGE chomp out of it.

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Erm, Anne-Marie, if you're looking for a NYE kiss, we're busy. 'Kay?

At least Anne didn't scream as much as Jax Jones did...