Dad Mitch Plans Amy Winehouse Foundation

Dad Mitch makes plans to set up a foundation in memory of his daughter.

Speaking at Amy's funeral yesterday, Mitch Winehouse told friends and family how Amy had made a "fantastic recovery" and was "the happiest she had been for years."

"Three years ago, Amy conquered her drug dependency. The doctors said it was impossible but she really did it," Mitch said.

"She was trying hard to deal with her drinking and had just completed three weeks of abstinence."

"'Dad I’ve had enough of drinking,'" she told her dad just weeks ago. "'I can’t stand the look on your and the family’s faces anymore.'"

After hearing the shocking news of his daughter’s tragic death, Mitch immediately knew he wanted to set up an Amy Winehouse Foundation.

"Something to help the things she loved – children, horses, but also to help those struggling with substance abuse," Mitch explained in his eulogy.

"In this country, if you cannot afford a private rehabilitation clinic, there is a two-year waiting list for help. With the help of Keith Vaz MP, we are trying to change that."