WATCH: Aloe Blacc Performs 'Brooklyn In The Summer' In London Park

12 June 2018, 10:17

You can find us walking through Leicester Square every day, in the hope of finding Aloe Blacc busking again.

Aloe Blacc is one of the suavest men the world will ever see. It's a scientific fact, that you genuinely cannot prove wrong.

So when Roman Kemp sent the 'I Need A Dollar' to perform in London's Leicester Square, we literally dropped what we were doing to watch it.

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Sat beside his guitarist, the 39-year-old singer performed a personalised version of his latest song; 'London In The Summer'.

WARNING: Once you've watched this, there's a strong chance you'll never walk through Leicester Square in the same way.

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Luckily for Aloe Blacc, we all managed to stay awake during his performance. It's a shame that the same couldn't be said for Obama, isn't it?

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