How does she stay sane working on the Capital Breakfast show? Easy, she doesn't. Get the gory details here...

Name:   Jelly
Job: Glamorous assistant
Status: Looking for someone to marry before I'm be precise!?
When drunk I usually... have had too much Pimms, or Snakebite. Both favourite drinks of mine, at slightly opposite ends of the classy scale!   
Worst job I ever did was... working in Pensions Review for an insurance company. It mostly involved filing. Apparently I talked too much (no surprise there) and distracted people so my big boss Les sacked me! Luckily, I now work somewhere that my talking is appreciated...I think!?
The last time I went to casualty I had... to go and see my brother who ended up with a metal plate in his leg after a rugby injury...he is now a nightmare to travel with as he sets off all airport security machines!
Facebook is... where random people from the past find you, but i like it for other things.  (Note: Jelly uses it to see what boys are upto!)
Perfect Sunday in London involves... being easy with Lionel of course!

Most listened to track on iPod:   I need to fix my ipod so that I can listen to it.
Most embarrassing track on iPod: Many people would say a lot of the tracks are embarrassing, but I am not embarrassed, what's wrong with the Spice Girls!?  
I'm ill please get me... a cure, or failing that, a cuddle would be nice...if you want to risk catching my illness.
I'm most proud of... my surname. Not many people are called Jelly.
If you're getting a takeaway I'll have.. .something small because i'm not hungry...but then I'll change my mind and eat all of yours!
There's just not enough... time to think of a good answer to this question.  
My party trick...   Treats are better than tricks. I prefer party treats, I always forget tricks, like the magic/card tricks my grandad taught me when I was little...I have a memory like a sieve.
From my wardrobe you can have... any skirt longer that my knees , or a pair of trousers if you can find any!
Chicken or fish?   Fish, I always eat fish...they're better pets too!?
My parents hoped I'd... look more like them, and when they got over that I think they wanted me to be more like my brother, get a normal job or do something sensible before settling down in the countryside!       
Last meal on earth... I eat most things, so I don't think I'd start being fussy when it came to my last meal as long as it wasn't something REALLY weird! My brain is now on overload thinking of all the options...hmmmm
Why didn't you ask me about... the time when the boys in the office convinced me that a certain celeb was really a gypsy traveller, or the time when the boys in the office convinced me that the yellow stuff in the middle of a Cadbury's Creme egg was actually egg yolk.

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    Body artwork
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    Eastside artwork
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    In My Mind artwork
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    Happier artwork
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    Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) artwork
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    Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. Anne-Marie) artwork
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    Lost Without You artwork
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    Youngblood artwork
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    Nevermind artwork
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    Paradise artwork
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