Adele Offered Post Throat Surgery Tips From Christina Perri

1 February 2012, 07:37 | Updated: 1 February 2012, 07:42

The 'Jar Of Hearts' singer reveals she went through the same trauma as the British star.

Adele was offered advice from American musician Christina Perri following her throat surgery in November after the star confessed she went through the same ordeal.

The US songwriter told the Daily Star that she even had the procedure by the same doctor as the 'Someone Like You' singer.

"I had a crazy vocal experience last year where I had a nodule on my vocal cords and had to learn to be careful.

"Adele and I had the same surgery by the same doctors. So I reached out to her because she had it a couple of weeks after I did."

Christina added that she believed she was the only one who could truly relate to what the star was going through and confessed that she hopes to meet up again soon.

"I had a bunch of things to tell her that I know nobody else in the world would have told her because unless you go through it there are things you just don't know.

"I heard she was really happy with what I said. I hope to bump into her again."

Meanwhile, Adele confirmed yesterday (31st January) that she would be making her live return at the Grammy Awards this month.