Adele fights to keep voice

Adele has been fighting a dose of laryngitis in the run up to her new album release giving up smoking in a bid to save her voice.

Speaking to the Daily Star Adele revealed: “I’ve had laryngitis and I couldn’t speak for six days last week. I didn’t think I’d be able to sing at the album launch. I literally had a chalk board around my neck.”

“I went to see a therapist, not for my head, for my voice,” she joked. “He told me to lay off the cigarettes.

“It’s not just the fags, I’ve had to give up milk, tomatoes, sweets, sucking mints.” Now the auburn-haired lovely has been off the ciggies for six days and she is elated that 21 is on course to land at No 1 this Sunday.

Adele’s new album 21 is out next week and features current hit single ‘Rolling In The Deep’, the singer is set to tour the UK in April.