Ethan Hawke Praises Adele For Embracing Fuller Figure: "I Want To Kiss Her"

10 October 2012, 15:01 | Updated: 10 October 2012, 15:24

The Training Day star admits he is pleased his daughter is looking up to the 'Someone Like You' singer.

Ethan Hawke has praised Adele for being an artist who embraces her fuller figure and admitted taking his daughter to see one of the singer's live shows has given her an ideal role model.

The Hollywood actor, and star of such films as Before Sunset and Training Day, told The Telegraph that he wants to "kiss" the Grammy Award winning artist for the way she presents herself.

"We were both floored [impressed by the show]. Wow! It was such a great experience," he said. "It was a small club, and my daughter had never seen anything like that."

He continued: "And as the father of a 14 year old, I want to kiss Adele. Everybody else is starving to lose another 25 pounds, and it's just terrible if all we see in that world is people we don't recognise from our real world."

It was recently rumoured that the singer was also helping design a new clothing line for Burberry which created "bespoke designs that reflect her position as an ambassador for stylish, curvy women. 

Meanwhile, Adele recently debuted her James Bond theme tune 'Skyfall', which is this week's Vodafone Big Top 40 number one.

The singer admitted that the decision to pen the track was a "no brainer" saying: "'ll be backcombing my hair when I'm 60 telling people I was a Bond girl back in the day I'm sure!"