Is Adele's New Album The Best One Yet? The Internet Reacts!

21 November 2015, 06:00

Adele When We Were Young

You've had 24 hours to check out the biggest album of 2015, but it seems the Internet is yet to make it's mind up on whether it's standing up to the test.

It's undeniably the biggest week in Adele's career to date, 4 years in the making, her latest masterpiece is now out in the public domain and it's a mixed bag when it comes to reviews.

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A few of us have been dreading the album arriving

And now it's here, it's been quite a struggle 

It's kinda impossible to choose a favourite track too

What seemed the impossible has been achieved

But it seems for a few people, it's just not quite made it :(

And some people have been quite brutal tbh

What do YOU think of what will most probably be the biggest selling album of the year? Give it a quick vote below.

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