Adele: "Amy Winehouse Was An Inspiration To Me"

9 December 2011, 16:32

The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer speaks about her admiration for the late singer.

Adele has revealed that Amy Winehouse's self creation and love of music inspired her career.

During an interview with Billboard, Adele confessed that she enjoyed not only Amy's talent but her credible character.

"I loved her for the same reasons everyone else did -- firstly, she was a remarkable singer but she was a believable and relatable artist, feisty but timid and fun but tragic -- normal! She created herself. That's what inspired me," she said.

The 'Someone Like You' singer also believes that the late singer's success instigated interest in similar artists.

"There was a flurry of British women who came out with debut records after 'Back to Black,' and I do think there was more interest because of her," she added.

The 'Rolling In The Deep' star is also uninterested in ever changing her style of music in order to in keep with trends and cited Amy's passion for her music as a key factor in her own decisions.

"I don't like, wear clothes that don't suit me and flutter between genres because I'm scared I won't be relevant if I pass my "sell by" date. Amy tattooed that in me!

"She made music because she was good at it and wanted to. And she was a huge artist who was always a bigger fan. That's why I gravitated towards her and listened when she sang and spoke... Or snarled!," added the star.

During the interview, Adele also revealed that she wouldn't be releasing her next studio album for another two or three years.