Adele and Jessie swap places at the top

Adele has climbed back up to No. 1 pushing last week's No. 1 from Jessie J in to second place.

Jessie J's second single, 'Price Tag' flew in to the Big Top 40 at No. 1 a month ago, after a week at top Lady Gaga took the top spot.

Then, the Sunday after the BRITs, Adele's live version of 'Someone Like You' from the award show shot to No. 1 but Adele only managed to spend a week at No. 1 too, last Sunday Jessie re-claimed the title with 'Price Tag' but all week Adele has been fighting back.

When we locked down our real time chart at 6pm on Sunday Adele was sat on top, this time with the album version of 'Someone Like You'.

So next week? Who knows... could Adele make it two weeks in a row, will Jessie J push her aside of could Lady Gaga climb back up to No. 1?