'If You Don't Know' 5SOS' New Song Lyrics... You Soon Will

16 June 2014, 12:02

The 'Don't Stop' four-piece gives fans another new song to learn... and it's not one to miss!

The 5SOS boys seem to be the gift that keeps on giving right now... at least as far as treating their fans to surprise new music goes!

The Australian band have just scored a massive number one on the Vodafone Big Top 40 with new single 'Don't Stop', but rather than resting on their laurels they've revealed yet ANOTHER new song for fans to enjoy.

5SOS have included an incredible new song called 'If You Don't Know' on the physical EP release of 'Don't Stop', and now there's no excuse not to know the song lyrics by heart, as we've posted them below!

"Tonight we're fading fast, I just wanna make this last,

If I could say the things that I wanna say, I'd find a way to make you stay,

I'd never let you get away, Catch you in all the games we've layer,

So go ahead, rip my heart out, show me what love's about,

Go ahead, rip my heart out, that's what love's all about.


"I want you to want me this way, and I need you to need me to stay,

If you say that you don't feel a thing, if you don't know,

Let me go (oh oh oh way oh), Let me go (oh oh),

If you don't know, then just let me go."

Last week we had 'Wrapped Around Your Finger', then 'Don't Stop' dropped over the weekend and now 'If You Don't Know'…. those 5SOS boys sure are generous!

And remember, there's just TWO weeks until the boys drop their debut studio album.

But just in case you can't wait for it we've rounded up EVERYTHING you need to know about the 5SOS debut record.