5SOS Sing Britney And Enrique Hits In Max's #Instaoki

6 July 2014, 21:51 | Updated: 6 July 2014, 22:19

Knowing how much 5 Seconds Of Summer love to bust out a classic pop tune, Max gives the boys a mic and a backing track for them to sing along to some pop hits including, Britney, Enrique, Sisqo and Peter Andre!

Watch Calum, Ashton, Michael and Luke take part in Max's BRAND NEW game of Insta'oke. What is Insta'oke we hear you ask? Well, it's not quite Instagram, it's not quite karaoke, it's the two thrown in to 15 seconds of pop star FUN! Never performed before tracks, and possibly never again...

5SOS joined Max on her show this Sunday whilst in London to promote their debut album out now!