Matty Healy Really Wants To Produce An Acoustic Album For Taylor Swift

25 September 2019, 14:34 | Updated: 25 September 2019, 16:13

Matty Healy wants to produce an acoustic album for Taylor Swift
Matty Healy wants to produce an acoustic album for Taylor Swift. Picture: PA Images

Taylor Swift has just dropped a brand new album, but Matty Healy is already thinking about her next.

The 1975’s Matty Healy wants to help produce Taylor Swift’s eighth album, despite the fact she dropped her latest creation ‘Lover’ in August.

The musician made the confession during The Green Room podcast, as Matty discussed some of his pop star pals’ silence on important topics.

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When host Neil Griffiths mentioned Taylor Swift, Matty said he would never slag off Taylor and is super keen to work with her.

He said: “I would never slag off Taylor Swift, I think Taylor’s amazing,” adding that he’d like to produce her next album.

Matty had said in a previous interview if Taylor were to drop an acoustic album he “can’t think of a record that would sell more” and even reached out to the ‘You Need To Calm Down’ singer to prove his proposition is serious.

He explained in the podcast: “Like, Taylor Swift’s intimate return to country. Of course, you’d wanna produce that! She’s [probably] gonna sit on that idea.

“She wouldn’t do that because she’s incredibly ageless and beautiful but as soon as you do that, that means you’re like a woman.”

Matty continued: “But Taylor, if you ever want someone to help you set up the mics for your acoustic record, just so you know, I’m there.”

The 30 year old later tweeted: “Taylor Swift. With an acoustic guitar. Doing her ‘Nebraska’. Doing her ‘Blue’. Kill me.”

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