Bestival 2015 - Live Blog

Bestival 2015

Capital has landed backstage for the Bestival 2015! Keep it Capital all weekend for all the backstage gossip and behind the scenes action!

Keep coming back to the page for everything you need to know about Bestival 2015. Pitch up a tent up in your garden and it will be like you're practically there!

 Bestival 2015 


 01.31 - Bestival, what a weekend it has been! We have loved every minute till next year!!



@Bestival you have been a treat! Thank-you and see you next year!#Bestival15 #SummerOfLove

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23.12 - You never know what's around the corner at this place

22.57 - Yes we are Georgie but we don't care as we are loving life!

21.33 - Missy Elliot was pure fire!

20.19 - Did somebody say DIVA!

19.17 - The tent was packed out, bit of a sweat box but Ronson killed it!


The Bollywood tent was lit during Mark Ronson's set! #Bestival15

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18.14 - Bestival 2016 see you there GIANT disco ball!

15.47 - Emma packed away a tent all by herself today, what did you do!?

14.10 - It's called a shower Kathy...

13.38 - Sounds like he had a blooming raging one!

12.41 - Can you imagine his crazy toilet dance then having to make the drastic decision to go ahead with it!

11.05 - Missy Elliot's headline show is going to be wicked tonight!

10.40 - As if it's the last day already! This weekend has been AMAZING! Saturday's highlight we were going to give it to the Chuckle Brothers packing out the Big Top but then, Jono went and had a transformation and it was PURE GOLD!


Bestival 2015



Day 3 - Saturday 13th September 2015

19.26 - Nawwww poor guy, we'll be your friend Sam's brother! 

19.14 - David Zowie closed his set with his HUGE tune and this guy loved it!

18.21 - The crowd is going wild for David Zowie and he hasn't even dropped House Every Weekend yet!

17.26 - Lol When you hit the water too hard!

16.51 - The Chuckle Brothers achieved things today. Had the big top overflowing with people!

16.09 - Just another one of those crucial questions of Bestival

15.56 - That's it from Jono and Emma today. He sure does make a pretty fairy!


Sooooo Jono had a @ShelleyFairy transformation and got into the Bestival fancy dress spirit! #Bestival15 #SummerOfLove

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14.49 - SPOTTED: Robert Pattinson. Maybe he was watching his bae FKA Twigs from the side of the stage.

14.34 - We think so too Jessica!

14.12 - We just love how much effort everyone puts into their fancy dress. These outfits just scream Summer Of Love!

Bestival 2015

 13.59 - She's such a poser! Haha

13.14 - House Of Pain are the special guests today, Main Stage at 3.15PM

13.12 - Sooooo many questions to ask but hey! It's Bestival, it's probably standard.

12.00 - Jono and Emma are now LIVE from Bestival with lots of chat about yesterday's antics and MORE!

9.33 - Poor Henri, think he was stuck in there for at least 15 minutes! 


8.09 - Good morning! It's a bit muggy out but that's not stopping us from bringing you all the latest from Bestival! Yesterday was ridiculously good. Our highlight...Charli XCX playing a blow up guitar!

Bestival 2015


Day 2 - Saturday 12th September 2015


21.03 - Let's hope they found their mates in the end.


20.30 - She's such a babe, isn't she?!


Ella Eyre you rockstar in a jumpsuit! #bestival15

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18.46 - Look at this chap we found!

17.35 - Jono and Emma will be LIVE from Bestival tomorrow at 12, make sure you're listening!

17.02 - Bahahahaha!

14.51 - We thought the theme was the Summer of Love?


12.58 - So Wiley has unfortunately had to pull out of his Main Stage slot but The Disciples will be filling in! How Deep Is Your Love was pretty much the tune of the Summer!

11.49 - Good morning and oh what a lovely day it is for a Summer of Love here at Bestival! We're coming to you LIVE from backstage in the press tent, bringing you all the latest from the festival weekend!

Day 1 - Friday 11th September 2015