Stellan Skarsgard won’t mentor his actor sons

23 September 2017, 15:03

Stellan Skarsgard has told Sky News he doesn’t give advice to his four sons who have followed in his footsteps in becoming actors.

The Swedish star, who appears in new sports biopic Bjorn vs McEnroe, said they need to carve their own path in the industry.

"I try not to mentor, I have four sons that are actors now, I have eight kids and four of them are actors and I have not mentored them," he said.

"I think they have to do their own mistakes and find their own way."

Skarsgard also admitted that he doesn't understand why they are given certain roles - with Bill Skarsgard playing a demonic clown in the Stephen King reboot and Alexander Skarsgard nominated for his role as a domestic abuser in Sky Atlantic's Big Little Lies.

Skarsgard said he's not seen Bill's film yet, but is aware of the "incredible reception" the horror film has had.

"Bill is very happy and the siblings that have seen it are very happy with him," he said.

"But my kids are so nice, and he gets to play this horrible person, and Alexander is Emmy-nominated for playing another horrible person, I don't know what the producers and directors see in them that I don't see."

In his latest role, Skarsgard plays Lennart Bergelin who coached Bjorn Borg, helping him to win eleven Grand Slam titles.

The film focuses on the psychology of Borg, and his rival US player John McEnroe, and how they dealt with their emotions, on and off the court.

Skarsgard says it's something he can relate to.

"I was an angry young man too, but in different ways," he said.

"I don't think I misbehaved very much, but all that energy that a young man has, has to be channelled somehow if you want it to be constructive and not just destructive as it often can be."

Skarsgard says he was fascinated by how obsessed the young tennis players were.

"Their entire life they're interested in one single thing, and that single thing is to win the next game - which I find absolutely ridiculous."

Borg vs McEnroe is out in cinemas now.

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