Me-OUCH!! 12 Times Humans Were Mugged Off By... Animals!

14 July 2015, 15:02

Möwe klaut meine GoPro und filmt die Aussicht von der Insel Cíes...


Whether it's your loyal dog, attention-seeking cat or creatures from the wilderness - animals are getting cocky... and here's proof!

There must be something in the water, because animals these days are absolute pros at mugging off us humans.

Taylor Swift's pussy cat Meredith scratched up the 'Bad Blood' singer's $40MILLION legs not long back, and now the rest of the animal kingdom have got wind of our weaknesses!

Here are 11 ways that animals are secretly trying to take us over as the dominant species.


They steal our clothes!

There's something liberating about being naked in nature - which is why Scotland's Gannochy Estate is a haven for skinny dippers. You might think the idyllic Highland setting is nice and private, but be warned - there are HAWK eyes everywhere! Pesky red kites have apparently been stealing socks and underwear left next to the lake to make nests for their young 'uns.

Next time you go swimming in the buff, make sure you hide your Calvins, or it could be a breezy trip home!


They won't let us do ANYTHING!

Just check out this bloke, trying to relax after a hard day at the office by playing some video games... But his little attention-seeking moggy has other plans!


They're making fools of us!

Okay, we're used to mates, family members and drunk people at parties photobombing us... But animals too!? This is getting too much!


They won't let us sleep.

Cats are getting out of hand now - it won't be long before they're our overlords. They've now worked out that lack of sleep is our biggest weakness, so have evolved to become feline alarm clocks!


They're even leaving their own environment to mug us off!

We've all heard the saying "fish out of water", but this is taking it to the EXTREME! Imagine just merrily floating along in a boat and then a trout flies at your pout!


They're no longer our best friend...

From Lassie to Scooby-Doo, we've grown up believe that dogs are man's best friend and would do anything to help us. Well the tables are turning... you've been warned!


They're taking all the glory!

Animals and humans have been working side-by-side for centuries - especially in sport. But after hundreds of years of sharing their fame with us, it seems horses are turning into bigger divas than RnB superstars! This horse may have won the race, but how's he gonna open that magnum of champagne without his jockey's thumbs?


They REALLY won't let us sleep!

It's not just cats that have included insomnia in their world domination plans... dogs are at it too!


They won't let us have ANYTHING nice

Seriously, what is it with cats?! First they won't let us sleep, then they're stopping us doing our daily activities, now they're even DESTROYING our possessions! Just check out this total badass! (We're NOT laughing... honest)


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They'll defy ANY training we give them.

The BEST part about water parks has to be the dolphins, right? They're so cute, friendly and can perform some amazing tricks - but what happens when they just think "screw it, give me that little fish!".


They're ACTUALLY trying to kill us!

We feed them, take them for walks and rub their bellies - but it looks like our loyal pooches are ACTUALLY plotting to get rid of us! Joke's on them though... if we're gone, who'll throw them the tennis ball?


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