CBB's Sam Thompson Got Into A Heated Twitter Spat With Love Island's Chris & Kem And It's So Pointless

29 August 2017, 14:50

Sam Thompson, Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes

Can't we all just be friends guys?

When Celebrity Big Brother burst onto our screens a few weeks ago, all eyes were on the budding bromance between Sam Thompson and Jordan Davies.

At the time, many people began comparing it to the Love Island bromance between Ken & Chris which had won some many fans a couple of weeks before.

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Now he's out of the CBB house, Sam has gone head to head with his Love Island rivals, but it all seems to be over nothing.


A post shared by Sam Thompson (@samthompsonuk) onAug 29, 2017 at 3:33am PDT

It all began when Sam repsonded to a sassy tweet from Kem claiming his bromance was being imitated by the CBB lads...

Sam then brought up Kem's appearance on Good Morning Britian which was being widely criticised, before revealing that he wasn't a fan of the Love Islander any more...

After Kem tweeted and later deleted a post, before saying 'Was playful banter geez, but cheers', Sam hit back once again...

Then a fan jumped in and tried to get the lads to be buds, but the pair still couldn't let it lie...

Of course Chris couldn't leave his BFF Kem to battle alone and he jumped in with his own words of wisdom...

We need a lie down after all this!

Kem and Chris aren't the first bromance ever and they won't be the last, so the fact the guys are all jabbing at each other over this seems pretty pointless to us.

Can we let it go now please guys?

Whilst you're here, remind yourself of Kem & Chris' chat with Roman Kemp at V Festival...

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