Jedward Are Now Totally Ripped But We Don't Know How To Feel About These New Pics

16 December 2016, 16:41

Jedward Ripped

By Matt Tarr

It's still Jedward though...

John and Edward aka Jedward have divided the nation for years now.

Since they first appeared on our TV screens during X Factor, it seems the public can't decide if the love or hate the Irish duo.

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But now the twins are back and they're looking more ripped than ever before!

Jedward Ripped 1

The new pics are certainly an early Christmas present for Jedward fans, whilst the duo are sure to gain them a few more admirers.

Jedward Ripped 3

But it's still Jedward and we just don't know how to feel about it.

Jedward Ripped 2

Fans have been very positive with their response to the latest pics though...

So what do you guys think?

Jedward Ripped 3

Are you fully embracing this new-look Jedward or are you yelling for them to zip their jackets back up?

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