The Week's Most Asked Question: Why Did Chris Brown Follow Then Unfollow Zayn?

29 August 2015, 06:00

Chris Brown Topless

Twitter has been a MASS of people from all ends of the globe confused as to why Chris Brown would follow, and unfollow Zayn in less than 24 hours...

It's been a week of emotional highs and lows for Zayn Malik after his idol Chris Brown, both followed and unfollowed him in the space of LESS than a day! And now we're all left as confused as Zayn. Like, what does this mean?!

Naturally we all looked to Twitter to help us solve this mystery.

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It all starts back in 2011, Zayn wanted Chris to follow him...


Zayn's not shyed away from saying how much he likes Chris


And then all of a sudden...

Chris Brown followed Zayn on Twitter, Zayn be like...


When you realise Chris Brown followed Zayn back, cries in R&B


But then wait, Chris Brown unfollowed him :(


Zayn wore this minions jumper:


And now someone thinks Chris Brown unfollowed Zayn because of the price! #Legit


Zayn smiling through the pain


Zayn's twitter account when he realises Chris unfollowed him


This whole situation has us ALL like....


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