Twitter Turns Ten! 22 Celebrities' First EVER Tweets REVEALED!

21 March 2016, 15:48

Ten Years Of Twitter: First Tweets

Rewind the clock to the stars' first Twitter moments as we celebrate a decade of tweeting mayhem...

For anyone that's been tweeting away happily for a while now - perhaps even since the very beginning - prepare to feel seriously old because Twitter just turned TEN YEARS OLD!

Yes, the social media giant - the site that now has an estimated 332 million active users - is one decade old this week, which is KINDA incredible when you think about.

In that time we've had breaking news coverage like NOTHING else was able to deliver, social faux pas' we'll probably never be able to live down and, of course, some SERIOUS Twitter rants from the world's most controversial celebrities.

To celebrate ten years of Twitter it's time to take a trip down memory lane at the FIRST tweets sent by your fave stars...


Louis Tomlinson’s first tweet…

Love this one from One Direction's Louis from 2010 - his first tweet was to say how much he LOVED 2009 X Factor star Lucie Jones! We're sure the feeling's mutual by now!


Sam Smith’s first tweet…

The 'Stay With me' star talking about a 'dirty' pic... hmmm, don't worry it's not what you think! 


Taylor Swift’s first tweet…

Sounds like not a lot's changed for Taylor in the past eight years then... Meredith's probably still mad!


Jessie J’s first tweet…

Woah... flashback to 2009 for all you #Heartbeats out there for when Jessie was only JUST starting work on 'Who You Are'. Damnnnn!


Ellie Goulding’s first tweet…

Good god our Ellie was an emotional young thing back in 2009 by the sounds of it! Wonder if she has those tears under control now?


Calvin Harris’ first tweet…

Two things.... 1 - 2009 Calvin Harris needed to buy some deodorant. 2 - REMEMBER THE TING TINGS?!!


Bruno Mars’ first tweet…

 We never heard anything from Bruno's studio sessions with Far East Movement. But, maybe that's a good thing? ;)


5 Seconds Of Summer’s first tweet…

Oh 5SOS - how wrong you were!!


Cheryl’s first tweet…

Bless Cheryl - she couldn't believe what her fingers were doing.... it's called tweeting, love! 


Justin Bieber’s first tweet…

Woah.... WAY back in 2009 when Biebs was just releasing 'One Time'!! Who's been a Belieber since the start then? 



Lawson’s first tweet…

The Lawson boys back with their original name! We prefer Lawson too, guys!  


Adam Levine’s first tweet…

We reckon there was a BIG response of desperate ladies messaging Adam Levine after this needy tweet... 


Maroon 5’s first tweet…

 Those Maroon 5 boys sure kicked off their Twitter page with a bit of a moan didn't they?


Lady Gaga’s first tweet…

Mother Monster's been tweeting since way back in 2008. And she was JUST as hilarious back then... 



Harry Styles’ first tweet…

1D's Harry kept things simple with his tweet. Still does!


Liam Payne’s first tweet…

Liam just wanted to clear something up... 


The Vamps' James McVey’s first tweet…

Woah... MySpace?!


Connor Ball’s first tweet…

 Back in 2012 when Connor was just FOURTEEN his first tweet was a video of him singing The Calling's 'Wherever You Will Go'! PRICELESS!


Katy Perry’s first tweet…

K-Pez with a cold is ALL of us with a cold... keeping that Vicks vaporub close at hand!


Kelly Clarkson’s first tweet…

That moment someone asks you to type a message, ANY message, and this is all you can think of... 


Ed Sheeran’s first tweet…

Well, something sure changed Ed's mind didn't it! And is it bad that we're having a serious #lolcano at his typo of Twitter?!


Demi Lovato’s first tweet…

Seven years ago... when Demi Lovato was still in SCHOOL! Wow... 


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