A Unofficial Guide To Surviving The Queue At Wimbledon

30 June 2015, 13:33

Wimbledon Queue

It's hard out there, so we've comprised a list of EVERYTHING you need to know to survive the Wimbledon queue.

Go forth and conquer.


1. If you know anything about queuing it is that there isn't always a Portaloo when you need one! So as the serial queuers amongst us will know, it helps to keep an empty bottle around... Just in case.


2. Keep it in! Queue etiquette is vital when sharing a confined space with people you don't know for hours, so #keepitin, ok?


3. Invest in a proper rug. Avoid looking like a amateur and pack the good stuff, we're talking waterproof lining, the lot (fancy).


4. Find the number of a good take away because Wimbledon has an assigned pizza point. Yeah, that's right a pizza point!


5. There's a place to store your luggage so why not take the kitchen sink, or at the least a mini fridge.


6. The Wimbledon rule book says YES to tents but NO to gazebos... So before planning any major queue party, keep this in mind.


7. And because it's 2015, the rule book also instructs that selfie sticks are left at home! If only this was a legal law everywhere.


8. For the entrepreneurs amongst us why not use the opportunity to make some extra dollar and set up a pop up stall. 'I heart Andy' key rings though, think of the business!

9. You can expect a lot of sitting whilst queuing and it just so happens someone's invented cushion pants, so if you're not blessed like Kim Kardashian...


10. Keep cutlery to a minimal and get to grips with the spork!


11. Buying tickets in the queue is cash only so make sure you're carrying cash not cards. And if you've got no cash there's always No.8.

12. Campers: expect to be woken up at 6am by a bunch of friendly stewards, therefore choose your sleeping attire WISELY!

13. Single? Take advantage of this eternal stand still and join 'Happn', essentially Tinder for people in your area, #major good idea!


14. And for the keen Twitterers amongst us - keep up to date with the queue action as it happens with @viewfromtheq.


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