Tick Off Every Throwback Film You've Seen, And We'll Accurately Tell You Your Age

17 April 2018, 11:20

Film Throwback Quiz Asset

60 percent of the time it works every time.

We're trying to think back to a weekend where we haven't rewatched the original 'High School Musical' and, frankly, it's impossible. We reckon we watch it at least twice weekly.

There's nothing better than watching your favourite old school movie on the morning-after-the-night-before.

> Only True 90s Kids Will Be Able To Score 100% On This Quiz

We've picked some of our fave throwback films, and reckon we could 100% accurately guess your exact age. Simply pick the ones you've seen, and... Prepare to be AMAZED.


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'Mean Girls' would DEFO be our fave throwback film if it starred Ariana Grande...