Flo Rida

We've got a phenomenal US rapper up next from Florida... Guess who it might be? You got it - it's Flo Rida!


  • Low: His first hit, originally featuring T-Pain. Hit #1 in 5 countries and has so far sold 5 times platinum in the States! Peaked at #2 in the UK and was one of the biggest hits of 2007.
  • Sugar: Originally featuring Wynter Gordon, this tune was the second single off his latest album 'R.O.O.T.S'. Peaked at #18 in the UK.
  • Right Round: The first single off his latest album and his biggest single to date. Featured Ke$ha (although she didn't appear in the video) and went to number one in 8 countries, among them the US & UK.

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Next up is Flo Rida. His real name is Tramar Dillard -  we think that beats Ne Yo for 'real name' LOLs! Do you think he's going to turn up when Alexandra does 'Bad Boys'? Yea we think he might do...

"Make some nooooiiiiiiise O2!" Woop he's off with Low.

We're shaking our hands like we're in the hood. (we're not).

His bling is waaay bigger than La Roux's! Do you think they compared sizes?

Wow that was one hell of an acapella rap!

"Single ladies make some noise!" *SCREAMS*

Is he going to give us some of his bling? No but he's taking off his top and his sunnies!

Next up is Sugar which samples Eiffel 65's 'Blue ( Da Ba Dee)'

Does he have more tattoo's than Metro Station's Trace?

And off comes his t shirt so we can count 'em and find out...

He's poured water all over himself! Watch out for that electric mic, Mr Rida!

He's taken off his bling! Is he gonna flog 'em down the market? His mates only gone into the audience with his necklace, who's gonna get it?

Now it's Right Around which samples Dead Or Alive's 'You Spin Me Right Round'. Do you think Pete Burns will come out on stage for a live duet?

He's really getting the party going here! We're doing the round, round dance with our hands. He's stopped the music for an impromptu call for us to put our arms in the air. Or "ayyyyre!" as he says it!  And now he's autographing some shoes! Is he gonna throw them out into the crowd? YES! Ouch! That hit my head.....

He's on a friends shoulders and gone into the crowd. Perhaps he's looking for his shoes?

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