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10.30 - What an amazing night! Wow... Check out all the photos, videos, commentary and interviews from tonight here! We'll be updating as soon as we can!

10.20 - "Thank you London, I love you!". She and her dancers are taking their bow. Bye Gaga - we love you, despite being madder than a bag of badgers...

Lady Gaga on stage at the Jingle Bell Ball


10.16 - "Get your paws up" she says, and now, flanked by two dancers, she's crawling on the floor werewolf style!

10.15 - "RA RA OH LA LA!" This song was first premiered at Alexander McQueen's fashion show.

10.14 - Gaga and her dancers are showing us their teeth like a pack of werewolves "You're one of my favourite cities in the whole world, do you know that?" She's thrown her gloves into the audience.. And now she's sitting on one of her dancers before playing 'Bad Romance' on piano. "Anyone want to get some fish and chips with me?" Ok!

10.08 - New song 'Teeth' now. It sounds like a Gypsy romp! "SHOW ME YOUR TEETH" she says, like a really on edge dentist!

10.07 - And ideas what her arm tattoo says?

10.04 - She's now wearing black cocktail feathers, a basque and a crisscross mask. We don't think she'll wear this getup down the shops. "PLEASE TAKE MY PICTURE! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU" she screams...eek!

10.03 - Next is fan favourite 'Paparazzi'. Last time she played this live at the MTV Awards she pretended to get shot! Will that happen tonight? The video to this track plays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'.

10.02 - Well we're breathless. Gaga doesn't disappoint with her act which is next level. The backdrop video is of her dancing in a black leather all in one, while the strange Rubik's cube shapes stand on the stage.

9.58 - "Don't let anyone tell you you can't be exactly what you want to be, because it's a lie" - well put Gaga, as she launches into the all singing, dancing version of 'Poker Face'.

9.57 - Next is our favourite of her 'Poker Face' but it's almost unrecognisable in its stripped down unplugged version.
"ARE YOU HAVING A GOOD TIME? DO YOU LIKE MY SHOW! I DON'T CARE 'CAUSE YOU CAN'T LEEEEEEAVE!" She's singing as she does Yoga on the piano stool. You know, as you do.

9.56 - She's getting down on the piano and throwing her leather gloves into the crowd. She says "You can unwrap me like a present!"

9.53 - She's got out a stick with a huge shiny bit at the end. We're guessing this is her 'disco stick'! "I miss you guys" Aw, we miss you TOO Gaga!

9.50 - 'Love Game's next! The remix of this track features the one and only Marilyn Manson.

9.48 - We're pretty scared by her bejewelled red face, it looks like she's been attacked by diamonds!

9.46 - It's 'Just Dance'! The big question of everyone's lips is: What is she wearing? Well we can tell you her outfit is pretty amazing. She's looks like Cheryl Cole in her 'Fight For This Love' type solider garb (but with less clothes!). Red leather cap, red swimsuit complete with red leather gloves!

9.45 - The opening beats of 'Dancing In The Dark' are playing. SHE'S HUGE! Oh wait it's just a huge hologram of her against a maths type graph..

9.42 - She's the lady of the moment! She's had the biggest selling album of the year! She's known for wearing dresses made of Kermit heads without remorse! No it's not Vera Lynn. It's only Lady bleedin Gaga!

9.33 - Sing-a-long #2: It's Mel & Kim's 'Rockin Around The Christmas Tree'! It's been covered by Miley Cyrus and The Olsen Twins, among others.

9.28 - Sing-a-long time! It's Wham!'s 'Last Christmas', which has been covered LOADS. Our favourite version is the Coldplay one. We don't want to discuss the Crazy Frog one.

9.27 - Phew! We think we need to have a lie down after that. But there's no time to rest! Next it's Lady Gaga. We saw her rehearsal and we can tell you, it looks pretty darn special!

9.25 - Back flip #2! *SCREAM*

9.25 - Ooh we hope they watch out for the low flying pyrotechnics!

9.23 - Hurrah! We can do the 'Beat Again' dance now. Can we have one of those Madonna head mics too?

9.20 - Let's hope this doesn't make the lads dizzy!

9.18 - "We recorded it for the album but it never made it," says Marvin. Time for the exclusive track 'Nobody Knows'. This is a cover of the 1996 song by Tony Rich.

9.17 - From txt on 83958: 'I am so exited about Sunday's Jingle Bell Ball ahhh! Merry Christmas, Capital from Atalanta xxx' Aw so are we! Merry Christmas!

9.14 - First backflip? It was Aston!

9.11 - "ELLA-ELLA!" It's 'Umbrella'! ELLA-ELLA!

9.10 - Best accessory -  Oritsé's MJ-themed black gloves or Aston's man-bangle?

9.08 - Who's gonna do the first back flip? Our bets are on JB!

9.07 - And presenting...Oritsé, Aston, Marvin and JB! 'Everybody In Love'! We've got our hands up. Oh yea!

9.05 - It's that moment you've all been waiting for it's....JLS time! One question: Can we start doing the 'Beat Again' dance yet?

9.03 - However complicated, we did it! We broke the Human Joystick record! Well done, O2.

9.01 - This is more complicated than A Level geometry!

8.59 - Hi again, Rich & Kat! Time for a Guinness World Record attempt!

8.55 - From txt on 83958: 'Hey Capital! Can you please ask the saturdays where they got their pink dresses from. I need one!!' says Steph from Fetcham. We'll definitely try to hunt them down for you and ask!

8.50 - The first single off their latest album 'Wordshaker' rocks - it's 'Forever Is Over'! This track was originally written for Kelly Clarkson.

8.46 - Who can forget 'Just Can't Get Enough'-  their great version of the Depeche Mode track? Loving this. Also we can't decide whose footwear is better; Frankie's pixie shoes or Vanessa's boots? What do you think?

8.42 - Next up is a banging version of 'Issues'. Radio stations thought the girls were singing "Stab you or kiss you". They weren't.

8.41 - "You're very good singers" Thanks Rochelle! We practised with Jedward.

8.37 - Sadly they're not twins but they are... The Saturdays! Frankie, Una, Rochelle, Mollie, Vanessa look smoking hot in their matching sparkly, shiny dresses. They open with a grunged-up version of 'Up'.

8.35 - We're getting lots of love for our amazing performers on the txts! Keep it coming on 83958.

8.33 - Nice headstand! What grade BAGA do you think John & Edward got?

8.30 - They're only doing a Xmas sing-a-long! 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday'. We think N-Dubz Dappy should join them and form a threesome called 'Jedwardappy'. What do ya reckon?!

8.29 - Something missing from your Saturday nights? Was it twin-shaped? Yes? Well don't worry because John and Edward (and their quiffs) are here! OMactualG! We're not hallucinating from their X Factor absence, we promise! Cartwheels! 'Ghostbusters'! Tartan! And what do they have to say for themselves?

8.27 - Rich & Kat are back on stage - time for a proper Mexican wave!

8.21 - They've 'Got Sexy' too - they're all wearing black leotards!

8.19 - Look, it's The Saturdays! They've come onstage for 'Oopsy Daisy'. No wonder though because in this song he references them in this track with the lyrics: "And now I feel like The Saturdays are all week/ 'Cos me and my heart got crazy issues"

8.15 - "Everyone make some noise!!" Chippie says before the sparkling 'Look For Me'. We like his bling too (a sliver "AR"), but who had the best him or Tinchy?

8.10 - Heeeeeere's Chipmunk. The 19 year old MOBO winner is opening with 'Diamond Rings'. This track samples a song called 'Miss Ska-Culation'

8.09 - Check out the photos of Miley's performance here:

Miley Cyrus on stage at the Jingle Bell Ball

8.08 - Nice MJ tribute, Miley!

8.05 - Now it's time for another boogie with our favourite Miley tune 'Party In The USA'. Despite the lyrics Miley admitted she'd never heard a Jay-Z song before!

8.00 - Next up is the blub-some 'The Climb'. This has been chosen as the winners song for the X Factor champ.

7.54 - She's American pop royalty, she likes a good hoe-down and has known one of the Jonas Brothers was intimately. Nope it's not Michelle Obama, it's Miley Cyrus! Dressed in short gold pants, gold belt and a bra top she's shaking her bon bon! She's opening with the Shakira-like 'See You Again'. The song features a sample of Cory Hart's 'Sunglasses At Night'.

7.52 - Check out the photos of Sugababes' performance here:

Sugababes on stage at the Jingle Bell Ball

7.50 - Incredible performance by the 'babes. Now time for a sing-a-long - Mariah??

7.47 - Is that Slash on guitar?!

7.44 - It's 'About You Now' now! This was covered by N-Dubz on their tour (we don't think it was Dappy who sang it though).

7.43 - CONGA-LINE!

7.40 - Wooh - back-up dancers! It's the trio's banging new single 'About A Girl'! This song was co-written by Lady Gaga's BFF songwriting pal RedOne (we don't think this is his real name, however).

7.35 - Hey sexy! It's 'Get Sexy'. This song samples Right Said Fred's 'I'm Too Sexy'. The 'babes have got some incredible dance moves going on tonight!

7.32 - "We're so happy to be here!" says Jade, and we've gotta say Sugababes version 4 is sounding pretty fine. Well done Jade! Next up is 'Push The Button'.

7.28 - HRNK! It's the Sugababes' second Jingle Ball and their first with new girl Jade 'don't say Eurovision' Ewen. They're appearing from the ground! They're wearing matching silver and black dresses! First up is the genius 'Freak Like Me'.

7.26 - Up next - it's the Sugababes! Now here's one performance we've been looking forward to. What will they sing? And what will they be wearing??

7.24 - It's Rich & Kat on stage! "You lot are looking beautiful tonight" - well thank you Kat!

7.18 - What a performance by Taio! Photos keep rolling in - you can now check out our gallery of the Noisettes on stage here!

Noisettes on stage at the Jingle Bell Ball

7.14 - "Ok I wish I could every song on my album" So do we, Taio, so do we! Instead this is his last one...'Break Your Heart'. This was originally penned for Cheryl Cole!

7.13 - The shades ain't coming off are they?

7.09 - Next up is 'No Other One', his new single. It sounds alot like 'Number One' by Tinchy. Spooky, eh?

7.06 - "This is one of my favourite songs!" 'I Can Be' is one of ours too! Ok so we're pretty sure his t-shirt IS Amy and it says 'Winehouse Forever' on it. Can we have one please Mr Cruz?

7.04 - Is that Amy Winehouse on his t-shirt?

7.03 - The multi-talented Taio Cruz is back after tucking into Tinchy Strider's catering! The one thing we're wondering about his performance is: Will those sunglasses ever come off his face? First up is the groovesome 'Come On Girl'.

6.59 - Photos are rolling in now too - check out Jordin Sparks on stage here!

Jordin Sparks at the Jingle Bell Ball

6.58 - What a fantastic performance by Pixie! Check out all the deets on her performance here.

6.55 - Next up is 'Boys And Girls'. Don't worry, we've whipped out our hotpants to bop along to this one. This song went from Number 73 to Number 1! It was the biggest chart leap in UK history.

6.54 - Tickertape in the beehive! What would Head And Shoulders say about that?!

6.51 - Sob, sob it's the Mum's Favourite 'Cry Me Out'.

6.49 - We forget to mention that she's sporting a huge beehive. Do you think it's bigger than Shingai's?

6.48 - Gosh, glam girl of 09 Pixie Lott (she's on the cover of 'In Style' this month, you know) looks great tonight. She's wearing a cute white top with puffy sleeves and a huge black bow. She looks like a Xmas present come to life! Pixie's doing a sultry version of 'Mama Do' - her first single that went straight in at #1 this summer!

6.44 - Check out our gallery of Westlife's performance here:

Westlife on stage at the Jingle Bell Ball


6.42 - Next up is their new single 'What About Now'. FACTOID! If you think this one sounds a bit 'Bon Jovi' you wouldn't be wronge. It was originally recorded by American Idol's Daugherty!

6.40 - We don't think we've seen so much dry ice since we saw Celine Dion play!

6.37 - Mark! Kian! Nicky! Shane! It's Westlife! *SCREAM*! And it's only their best blimmin song 'Flying Without Wings'. We love this one! This song was now released 10 years ago! Blimey!

6.31 - On stage now - breakdancing - it's Santa! He's busting some crazy MJ-like moves!

6.26 - We've looked all over Facebook, nicked a comedy beanie hat from our snowboarding mate and, finally, our time with one of our favourite threesomes...N-DUBZ! N-DUBZ! Tulisa looks well lush. Her blonde barnet looks great and she's wearing a sharp cut sliver and black dress. They're playing their brilliant single 'I Need You'.

6.20 - "I need everyone to put their hands up!" We're doing that Tinchy, but it's getting harder to type. His set has been pretty star-studded, frankly. Well it's only getting bigger with 'Number 1' featuring...Dappy from N-Dubz! The track samples the same one used in The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony' (ask your dad!)

6.16 - Now it's time for one of our favourites love songs of the year. 'Never Leave You' featuring the ever glamorous Amelle from the Sugababes. And she's wearing a cat suit!

6.13 - "How you feeling out there tonight?" Even better now that 'Take Me Back's playing, thanks for asking Tinchy. Look who's turned up, it's only his bezzie and co-writer Taio Cruz. Hello Taio!

6.11 - Bling! Bling! Bling! We like his necklaces. Our £6 signet ring from down the market looks a bit rubbish in comparison though.

6.08 - If anyone defined urban Brit hop in 2009, it's gotta be Tinchy Strider right? 1 million records sold this year. 'Star In The Hood' indeed! He's starting with 'You're Not Alone'. The track samples the club classic of the same name by 90s dance band Olive. They said they wanted to collaborate with Tinchy after they heard his track!

6.03 - It's good to be back home! Shall we tear the roof off?" Yeah! Do it! But not literally (it's quite chilly). Here it comes, it's 'Don't Upset The Rhythm'! She just did a forward roll AND her hair stayed in place! Nice moves lady! Very Shakira-like!

6.02 - 'Never Forget You' makes us think of Amy Winehouse. But in a good way. Oooh, we just spotted the big red flower nestling in the back of her hair! Very festive.

5.58 - All together now "Da-ker-cha-da-ker-cha-da-ker-cha DON'T UPSET THE RHYTHM!" It's The Noisettes! We totes love singer Shingai Shoniwa's unique style. Tonight she looks resplendent in a white shirt top, a black sequined skirt and glitter liberally sprinkled on her neck. First song up is 'Never Forget You'!

5.54 - Thanks to Jordin for an absolutely mind-blowing show-opener. Amazing or what??

5.48 - It's not! Jordin's now doing 'Battlefield' and she's got everyone singing along. But we don't think the lady sitting next to us is very impressed with our singing...

5.47 - Our arms are knackered from all that purposeful waving. "Thank you so much!" No! It can't be over yet, can it Jordin?

5.42 - 'Tattoo' was the track that broke Jordin in the UK - it was co-written by Amanda Ghost who co-writes alot of Beyonce's 'slowies'! Next up is our personal favourite of hers 'No Air'. Jordin tells us that 'people backstage are sewing glitter sequins onto their clothes'. Who could it be? We reckon it's Dappy from N Dubz...

5.37 - 'I'm so happy to be here with all of you!' We're very happy to have you here, Jordin! She's now doing 'Tattoo', wearing a black sequined top and a questionable pair of leggings - but damn is she ever getting us in the mood for a P-A-R-T-Y!

5.34 - She's kicked off the Jingle Bell Ball with 'S.O.S'. The crowd have gone absolutely mad!

5.33 - The party is on! Looks like Jordin Sparks is up first!

5.23 - We're getting lots of txts on 83958 asking how you can win tickets for the Jingle Bell Ball - we're afraid it's too late for today's Ball but keep it Capital to find out how to win tickets for tomorrow! We'll also be reporting live today from the Ball which kicks off in a matter of minutes!

5.20 - Just 10 minutes til we kick it all off here at the O2! If you're not here by then we're afraid to say the Ball won't be waiting!

5.12 - Kevin Hughes just got John & Edward to pull a cracker - inside was a tape measurer! Apparently their quiffs are about 8 inches long each! Impressive or what? Check back here a bit later for photos...

5.10 - From txt on 83958: 'We're at the Jingle Bell Ball and it's Florences and Doras birthday! Please put a message up or get someone to say happy birthday on stage. I don't think you understand how amazing it would be!!!! Love Grace!' Happy birthday to Florence and Dora! We hope you enjoy the show.

5.00 - Just 30 minutes until the Ball kicks off! The O2 is filling up nicely as we speak.

4.54 - From txt on 83958: 'Can you hold the Jingle Bell Ball off for maybe another 30 mins, stuck in traffic!' Oh dear, we hope there's not a lot of you running late! We'll see what we can do...

4.51 - From txt on 83958: 'This is Jade, Capital please could you start 15 mins later because me and my friend are running late!' - We'll have a word but we're not sure how the rest of the O2 Arena would feel about that...

4.48 - Our very own Kevin Hughes has crackers for all the stars to pop backstage, but reckoned Tinchy was too cool for the paper hat!

4.39 - Tinchy Stryder's backstage ready to be interviewed! But where's Kevin Hughes??

4.35 - From our Twitter: 'Seated at the Jingle Bell Ball and SOOOO excited!' says itsundeep. We're incredibly excited too!

4.30 - It's getting busy in the O2! Our photographers snapped the early arrivals - spot anyone you know here?

4.12 - There's an unconfirmed rumour going round saying Lady Gaga asked for the air condition to be turned off backstage... Which might be why we're all boiling hot now!

4.00 - And the doors are open!

3.55 - She's - unsurprisingly - not got any pants on. Looking great, Gaga! We absolutely can't wait for her performance later!

3.50 - Lady Gaga is in the house! She's doing her soundcheck with a ton of back-up dancers. There are some amazing routines going on!

3.35 - We just spotted John & Edward on stage! Wonder what they're doing here??

3.24 - It's still not too late to get in for today's Jingle Bell Ball! Listen live with Rich & Kat to find out how...

3.04 - Noisettes are doing their soundcheck as we speak. Can't reveal too much but expect to be blown away by Shingai later!

2.49 - From our web comments: 'We are both looking forward to tonight and can't wait to see everyone later, roll on 5.30. Thanks for the tickets Capital! x' from Kelly and Chloe. You're very welcome! We're all ready for 5.30 too! Wonder who'll be up first?

2.34 - Dappy and Fazer are brapping it on stage as we speak for their soundcheck! Take a look for yourself here.

2.00 - Rich & Kat take over the Capital studio. Richard's overdosed on too much chocolate!

1.25 - Pixie Lott soundchecking - she's looking great.

12.35 - The Sugababes in the Capital Studio - they're advising some of the younger acts to make sure they enjoy their perforamances to try and avoid getting too nervous - easier said than done, we were on stage earlier and it looks terrifying!

11.53 - From txt on 83958: 'We cannot wait to see what Lady Gaga will be wearing tonight! Please could you play Bad Romance for us to get us in the Jingle Bell mood.. Annabel and Rosie' - Guys - you're not the only ones - everyone wants to know what she'll be wearing!

11.24 - Miley's band and dancers have been sound-checking and practising their moves  - she's seems to have an army on stage with her.

10.58 - Just seen The Sugababes on stage - looks like they're planning on strutting down the walkway into the middle of the crowd tonight!

10.00 - Margherita and Roberto have kicked off broadcasting from our studio backstage - Roberto has got a very stylish dark blue santa hat on - Margherita isn't impressed!

08.57 - It's an early start for some people here - not so much early, as working through the night. We only got a few hours sleep - we were too excited!! Bring it on!

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