Have you got a caption for us?

Charlie and Cheryl standing together, they seem as if they're made for each other...

Or do they seem a little awkward. Well we want your captions for the picture below. Here are a few we've had already

Anna in Basford - 'Camilla, that work you've had done was well worth it'

John in Melton - ' Charles went to see Dr Cheryl, the prognosis wasn't good'

Christine in Nottingham - 'Cheryl, did you put that Jacket on a hot wash? it seems to be too long for your arms.'

Andy in Sutton Bonnington - 'Charles was enjoying his visit to Madame Tussauds. He thought the Cheryl Cole one was particually lifelike.'

If you have a Capiton, you can then enter it in the comment box below or then text your caption to us on 83958, start your message with the word 'HIT'.

Here is the full Length Picture

Prince Charles and Cheryl.