Newark Man Jailed For Killing Teenager In 'Sexual Fantasy'

20 July 2017, 13:39

Hannah Pearson, manslaughter victim

A man from Newark has been jailed for 12 years for killing a teenage girl he had met just hours before.

James Morton, 24, of Pierson Street, Newark, was convicted of Hannah Pearson from Marston, Lincolnshire, manslaughter on Wednesday 19 July at Nottingham Crown Court.

He was found not guilty of her murder.

James Morton Newark manslaughter

On July 23 2016 Morton had been socialising with friends during the day in the centre of Lincoln when he met Hannah. She was out celebrating with her boyfriend for his 19th birthday.

The group gathered in an area close to the centre of town and also visited a pub before they separated and went their separate ways. Hannah had agreed to meet her boyfriend the following day and arranged to go with Morton to his parents’ home in Newark to hang out.

The pair began drinking when they arrived at the empty house, as Morton's parents had left to go on holiday.

At some point during the night Hannah was led to bed by Morton and he got in beside her.

At 12.11am on 24 July 2016 Nottinghamshire Police received a call from Morton, stating he had killed somebody. Officers rushed to the scene and began CPR on Hannah, who was unresponsive, while they waited for ambulance to arrive.

Despite the efforts of emergency services Hannah was pronounced dead.

In a statement issued after Morton’s sentencing, Hannah’s family said: "When our daughter Hannah went out on that Saturday night, the last thing you would expect is a knock on the door from the police telling us that Hannah had been killed. At that moment our lives as a family changed forever. Gone was the laughter, the music in the house, the fun and joy she brought to our lives. We are left with darkness, sadness and a loss from which we will never recover.

"Hannah's loss is felt by many. The memories she created for others in her short life will live with those forever. She will be missed eternally but her legacy will live on."

Speaking after Morton’s sentencing Detective Inspector Justine Wilson, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: "Hannah had put her trust into this man, he took advantage of that trust.

"He showed no remorse whatsoever. I can only describe him as a cold and calculated individual.

"Mercifully this type of crime is extremely rare, but that is no comfort to Hannah's friends and family. They deserve huge credit for the bravery, patience and dignity they have shown throughout."