Drugs Still Too Easy To Get At Sudbury Prison, Says Report

5 September 2017, 06:55

HMP Sudbury Derbyshire

Two-fifths of inmates said it was "easy" to get illegal drugs at an open prison in Derbyshire, according to an inspection report.

The assessment said the most popular substance at HMP Sudbury was cannabis.

HM Inspectorate of Prisons found oral and injected anabolic steroids were also a problem at the facility in Derbyshire.

Prisoners who injected steroids could dispose of their needles in sharps bins located around the prison, the report added.

The watchdog described the availability of drugs and mobile phones as the major security challenge at Sudbury.

Overall, inspectors concluded that the prison was offering good support to help rehabilitate the men it held.

Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke said: "Sudbury was well led and had made significant progress since our last inspection.

"There remained a small number of important issues for the prison to address, but we left confident that yet further improvement was within the prison's capabilities."

Michael Spurr, Chief Executive of HM Prison and Probation Service, said: "The prison has made great strides since its last inspection and this report rightly recognises the hard work and dedication of the governor and his staff."