Dino & Pete Exposed: Live Blog 2013

Dino & Pete exposed

Dino & Pete Exposed:
Supported by Lawson

on Thursday 24th October

Big thanks to our secret location
The Albert Hall, Nottingham


10:00 That's it! All over now
See all the pictures right here


9:50 Beachball challenge just happened, they're getting chucked all over the place, everyone has gone hyper!


9:45 Live ads time!

Central College Nottingham Live Ad

Cash Shop Live Ad

Weterman Homes Live Ad

Sytner Mini Live Ad

9:40 Dino wants to join the band - he got on the tambourine but was kicked off, soz mate




09:40 It's time for 'Juliet' and everyone is clapping along. Watch the vid here..

09:35 Selfie time..


Dino & Pete Exposed

09:20 Absolutely beautiful rendition of Standing In The Dark, the girls in the audience are swooning with every note.

09:15 The lads are talking about everyone having their phones out and asking them all to download their new single Juliet from the album Chapman Square - based on the area where Andy used to live in London. He also emotionally told us the band name Lawson about because that was the name of the Doctor that operated on his brain tumor.

09:05 Tweets from the audience asking Ryan if he's having a bad hair day cos he's wearing a hat, oops!

See Dino & Pete Exposed Photos Here

08:50 Joel has decided to read the news with Tyles, apparently the Ring Road is still really busy. Oh and Andy is getting in on the action.



08:45  Andy is giving us a one man stand up comedy show, he's telling jokes about Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z, they're bad, really bad - dont give up your day job Andy

08:40 Lawson are telling us they are not only supporting Jessie J tonight and tomorrow at the Capital FM Arena Nottingham - are you going? They're also on Keith Lemon's Show tonight.


08:30 Brokenhearted is being belted out and the whole Secret Location is singing along

08:15 So we've just all been told that Tyles is a little shy so when she does her news report everyone has to turn around and not look, so the whole venue are on their feet and turned around!

08:12 And they're straight into 'Learn To Love Again'.

08:10 Andy, Adam, Joel & Ryan are here!! SCREAM

08:05 Dino, Pete, Tyles & Brains have just joined the stage! Its getting exciting now!

08:00 It's all about to kick off, everyone has taken to their seats.

See Waiting For Lawson Pictures Here

07:50 Ooh, the audience are flooding in now Dino & Pete have left the stage - they do love a grand entrance.

07:40 In 20 minutes time the live audience will be seated and Lawson will be taking to the stage.

07:30 News Anna has left the stage to do her make-up ready to meet Lawson.

07:20 It's finally here! The show is underway and there's loads of people been queueing up since 5am - MENTAL OR WHAT!

We're performing our Breakfast Show along with the amazing Lawson, in aid of our very own Help A Capital Child Week, all thanks to Central College Nottingham.

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